carolena martin
carolena martin

Kaisa Fit

I created Instagram fitgirl and superstar, Kaisa Keranen's website.

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the design process: 

the design process: Worked with Kaisa and her manager through several revisions and changes. After a month of work and revisions, created a site that made her #justmove campaign accessible, established her brand as a movement coach across all platforms and created an easy way to purchase her workout plans.


Cortez Brothers

I recreated & revamped this global commercial prod. powerhouse's site.

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the revamp process: 

Worked closely with The Cortez Brothers to build out their entire website, including creating their vimeo presence, linking hundreds of videos and dozens of tabs. Stay on top of any updates like new videos, director reels and contact information. Their new site is cool, edgy and showcases work perfectly.



I worked with a group of filmmakers to create a website for their brand new collective. 

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the creation collaboration: 

The_Foundry is stepping up and doing production in a whole new way, so their website needed to reflect that. Worked with their teams to create a site that showed off their collective work in  the best way possible. The site takes the light off of the individual directors and focuses it on the work, created a unique system of tags that make searching for what you need easy and attractive.


Simon Needham Photography

I worked with Simon the humanitarian, photographer & director to create his personal website.

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the portfolio process:

Designed Simon's website as a way to show off his awesome photography and directorial portfolio. Created a way for clients to get in touch with him. After writing the copy for the site, creating a visual mood film for his front page and working together to create distinct categories for his portfolio of photos that best defined his work we had a completed personal site. Continue to update the portfolio and keep it up to date and relevant. 

Havoc Content

I worked with Havoc Content to create their new site as part of their rebranding. 

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the design process: 

Havoc needed something fresh and edgy, was happy to work with the staff and come up with something that truly reflected their style as filmmakers and business people. They wanted movement and an easy way to view videos. Also added a search bar which makes searching for specifics videos and link that much easier. Consistently update the mood film at the start of the site every few months to make sure it reflects their most recent work. 


Wilson Reliance 

I worked with the Wilson Reliance to create their logo and build a site that kept up with their expanding clientele.

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the design process: 

Wilson Reliance needed a website, so we started fresh. I created a site that catered to their customer base and to the expanding staff and locations. They needed an easy way to involve their customers in the community outreach efforts, all customers to schedule meetings and give information on rates easily. I delivered a site that was visually appealing, easy to navigate and straightforward with a no nonsense design.